About the Author

My name is Serhii. I am a web developer. However, I haven’t a computer science degree. I have been interested in programming since 2010, but I have only a few years of experience in enterprise development. I learned everything using information that is available on the Internet, from books, or from my colleagues at work. I’m interested in backend technologies such as PHP, Laravel, Golang, Docker, Linux, etc., design patterns, and how to use them to make code more readable and maintainable. So most of the posts on this site will be about this topic.

Haait (How-to Articles About IT) is a blog about programming where I write about the techniques, approaches, and tools I use in my work. There are a lot of posts on programming on the Internet. However, information technologies are growing very fast, new tools and libraries appear, and there still needs to be more information about some of them. In addition, sometimes, it isn’t obvious how to use certain frameworks’ features. Here I will share what I know to help programming newcomers make their code better.