Configuring Supervisor in Linux Tutorial

Linux distributions have initialization systems for managing processes, for example, Systemd. But sometimes you need something more simplier, a program that will manage your application processes in the system or a docker container. Such a program exists. It is called Supervisor. It is a simple open-source process manager, written in Python. Supervisor can help run … Read more

How to Install DBeaver in Ubuntu 22.04

If you often work with databases, you should have a universal tool that will allow you to do it efficiently. You can use DataGrip but it is not free. If you want to use a free tool, you can choose DBeaver. It has an open-source community version. This tool supports all popular database engines, for … Read more

How to Install DataGrip in Ubuntu 22.04

DataGrip is the most powerful database management tool from JetBrains. It supports not only MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, but also ClickHouse, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra and other databases. You can create databases and tables, view their contents in the program interface, execute raw SQL queries and more. In this article we will explain … Read more

How to Install JetBrains ToolBox in Ubuntu 22.04

JetBrains developed their own tool that allows installing and and continual updating for all their products. If something goes wrong, you can always roll back the product version. This tool is JetBrains Toolbox. It is free. Also it can manage your licenses. You can enter a license in the tool and it will automatically detect … Read more

How to Install Laravel in Ubuntu 22.04

Frameworks and libraries did programming faster and easier. There are a lot of frameworks for PHP, but Laravel is most popular now. It has a fast request handler, database query builder, powerful CLI utility, comfortable wrappers for standard library functions, queue and caching mechanisms, and many thrid-party packages from thousands of developers. In this article … Read more

How to Install PhpStrom in Ubuntu 22.04

PhpStorm is the most popular IDE for Web development. It can be used as the main environment for backend development with PHP or JavaScript. All IDEs developed by JetBrains have a lot of tools for code refactoring, syntax and error highlighting, suggestions based on language documentation and a comfortable interface. In this article, I will … Read more

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