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How to Install PhpStrom in Ubuntu 22.04

PhpStorm is the most popular IDE for Web development. It can be used as the main environment for backend development with PHP or JavaScript. All IDEs developed by JetBrains have a lot of tools for code refactoring, syntax and error highlighting, suggestions based on language documentation and a comfortable interface.

In this article, I will explain how to install PhpStorm in Ubuntu 22.04. There are several ways to do this. You can use JetBrains Toolbox, Snap or Flatpack package manager or simply download archive and extract PhpStorm files in any folder.

How to Install PhpStorm in Ubuntu 22.04

1. JetBrains Toolbox

JetBrains Toolbox is an universal tool for installing and keeping updated all JetBrains products. First of all, you should go to the official site and download an archive with the application. Just find Download the app button and press it.

Then extract the archive to any folder. For example, using Nautilus. Just select Extract Here in contextual menu:

Then open a terminal and run this command:


Command will open a new window with installation wizard. At the first step, press the Continue button:

Next, accept the user agreement:

Next, choose the language and theme:

Then you will see a list of JetBrains products. Find PhpStorm and click the Install button:

When downloading and installation process is complete, you may find PhpStorm in the system menu, or run it with JetBrains toolbox.

2. Ubuntu Software

If you don’t want to use Jetbrains Toolbox, you сan install PhpStorm from Ubuntu Software. Usually, it will be handled with snap package manager. Just open Ubuntu Software and type PhpStorm in the search line:

Then, select the PhpStorm item and click the Install button:

Finally, you will find PhpStorm shortcut in the main menu:

If you don’t want to use GUI, you can install PhpStorm with snap package manager in the terminal. You can search for package using comand below:

snap search phpstorm

And install it:

snap install --classic phpstorm

3. Source Tarball

If you don’t want to have updates, you can install this application from source tarball. Visit the official site, and click Download.

Usually, downloaded file will be saved into ~/Downloads folder. You can extract files from the archive with Nautilus or the command line. Open a terminal and change current directory to ~/Downloads:

cd ~/Download

Extract content from the archive using the command below:

tar -xvf PhpStorm-2022.1.tar.gz

To stick with Linux file system standards, move the application to /opt using the command below:

mv ./PhpStorm-221.5080.224 /opt/PhpStorm-221.5080.224

You may find PhpStorm executable in /opt/PhpStorm-2022.1/bin. Now you can run the application:


Configuring PhpStorm

Just run the application using any described way. First of all, after starting you should configure whether the application should send statistics to JetBrains:

Choose a licensing plan. If you haven’t used PhpStorm before, you can get trial access. Otherwise, you should buy a license. If you want to get a trial click Start trial.

But, unlike previous versions, you have to log in to the JetBrains account. Click Log In to JetBrains Account and provide your email/password in browser or create a new account. When you have successfully logged in, you can close the browser:

Click Start trial in application window:

After that, you can close licensing wizard and go to PhpStorm Welcome page. There you may change to the Customeze tab and choose a color theme:

Then you may install some plugins on the Plugins tab and create a new Project using the Projects tab. Just open the tab and click New Project. Next choose directory for project files:

There is one more thing that you should do. If the application has been installed from source tarball, you may make shortcut. To do this, open the Tools menu and click Create Desktop Entry:

Now you are free to enjoy coding with PhpStorm!

Wrapping Up

PhpStorm is a very popular tool for developing with PHP and JavaScript. This article explains how to install PhpStorm in Ubuntu 22.04 with Ubuntu Software, JetBrains Toolbox or with source tarball. If you have questions, use the comment form below.

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