How to Fix Cross Origin Request Blocked in Laravel

Such an error may appear in the browser JavaScript console when the browser blocks API requests because the API is not located on the same domain as your application. If you want to access an API from a different domain, your browser uses the policy for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) to determine whether the request … Read more

How to Fix Target Class Does Not Exist in Laravel

This exception occurs when the Laravel service container can’t find a class you want to get through dependency injection or directly from the container. Moreover, this does not necessarily have to be the class name. It can also be a class alias. You can face the error in a few different cases. In this article, … Read more

How to Fix Permission Denied in Laravel

After deploying a new project or executing artisan commands on the server, you can encounter permission denied error in Laravel when it attempts to write logs or cache. Misconfigured write permissions or ownership on the storage directory cause this issue. In this short article, I will explain why it happens, how to fix it, and … Read more

How to Return Exception as JSON in Laravel

By default, when something throws an exception when accessing an API in Laravel, it is not always returned in a JSON response. A JSON response is returned only when the client explicitly indicates that they want to receive JSON in the response. In all other cases, plain HTML code will be returned, or even a … Read more

How to Fix Array to String Conversion in Laravel

This error is not directly related to Laravel, and appears whenever you try to use an array as a string without explicit conversion. However, in Laravel, you can see this error in two cases: directly when using an array in a place where your application wants string and if you haven’t configured the correct type … Read more

How to Fix 404 Not Found in Laravel

You can usually see a 404 error when a web server can’t find the page you requested. For Laravel projects, a web server must redirect all requests for non-existent files to index.php. If you see the web server’s 404 error, it is probably misconfigured. However, Laravel has its own 404 page, and you can see … Read more

How to Fix Maximum Execution Time of 30 Seconds Exceeded in Laravel

If the exception with the message “Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded” occurs in your application, probably your application is misdesigned. By default, PHP has an execution time limit of 30 seconds. So, all tasks that can take more than a few seconds should be handled in the background using Laravel queues. Although, you … Read more

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