How to Run a Specific Test in Laravel

Laravel framework allows you to run tests using the artisan command since the 7.1.1 version. But it runs all available tests. If you want to run a specific test file or a specific test case, you should use additional options. In this short article, I will explain how to run a specific test in Laravel … Read more

How to Create REST API in Laravel

Modern websites are often developed in the SPA (Single Page Application) paradigm, when there is a separate backend written in PHP or another backend language and a frontend developed using one of the popular JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue or React. The backend implements only the API interface that the frontend uses to receive data … Read more

How to Request to External API in Laravel

You must often interact with different third-party APIs when developing various services. You can use file_get_contents or the curl extension for PHP to do this. Also, for many APIs, developers release libraries that you can use. But the use of low-level functions makes the code complex. On the other hand, you might have no access … Read more